Brunch Diary: Stubborn Mule in Orlando, FL

The best way to avoid the Sunday Scaries is to get your bottomless brunch on. The second best way is to be unemployed and not have to face the real world on Monday. Not one to take the easy way out, I made sure I met both criteria and headed to Stubborn Mule downtown. If we just get right to it, it’s by far my favorite overall brunch in Orlando, and surpassed expectations for food, drinks, and service.

The Food: The menu was simple and curated, but every option was amazing. I know, because between our group, we got nearly everything on the menu (except for the vegetarian option and the pulled pork). Every single dish was incredible. It’s definitely a “cheat day” calorie-bomb of a menu, as you won’t find a simple vegetable omelette in the options. I opted for a crab and egg scramble, layered in crispy tortillas and topped with dill cheese and bruschetta topping.

The Mimosas: Stubborn Mule has probably the best mimosa situation of any Orlando brunch. They brought a flight of juices to the table and kept replenishing a carafe of champagne, making sure we never had empty glasses. We knew it was going to be a good situation when the waitress brought out large wine glasses filled with just champagne.

One of the best factors about Stubborn Mule is that the amazing food and copious drinks come at a reasonable price – entrees were about $13 a plate, and bottomless mimosas were just $10.

The Atmosphere and Service: The large patio is wonderful to enjoy the warm Florida weather, and the staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. It was an oddly chilly and breezy Sunday in Orlando, so the staff set up heaters nearby our tables to make it more comfortable. We never had to ask for more water, champs, juice, or flag down our server for assistance. Stubborn Mule will definitely become a downtown favorite brunch spot.


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