Packing List: Hawaiian Hiatus in Oahu

I’ve already mentioned how my month-long vacation in Oahu wasn’t the stereotypical umbrella-drinks-in-Waikiki. While bikinis and sundresses were definitely packed, here’s what I got the most use out of during my time hiking, beaching, and relaxing on the North Shore. hawaii-packing-list

  • Athletic shorts – specifically, my favorite Run Times and Hottie Hots from Lululemon. I tried to hike as much as possible, so they obviously came in handy for all of my active adventures. Of course, add in sports bras anda  few tanks to complete the fitness necessities
  • A couple of pair of chino shorts/denim cutoffs – because unfortunately athleisure is not appropriate for every occasion yet
  • White jeans – because it’s hot in Hawaii (like, always) so perfect destination for year-round summer attire
  • Quarter-zip hoodie – while the days are hot, the early mornings and late evenings can cool off. The high humidity level in Oahu and constant ocean breezes mean a drop in temperature by a few degrees can warrant a cozy hoodie to throw on
  • Black sundress – this came in handy on a couple of occasions, since I could easily blend in to a more casual environment, but it was nicer than shorts and a tee if needed. The general Hawaiian environment isn’t dressy, but there were instances where I wanted to look like a put-together human

Honestly, since I had access to a washer and dryer, I brought just a carry-on sized bag, and still didn’t need all the clothing I packed. My trip was incredibly laid back, casual, and low-maintenance, so I got a lot of wear out of my athleisure and swimsuits, and had more than enough options the few evenings I needed to go a little dressier

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