Hawaiian Hiatus in Oahu

Some people make New Year Resolutions; I make New Year Reservations. On one way flights. To Oahu. I was sulking into an Oreo milkshake, as is common after a breakup, when a friend invited me to fly out to Hawaii and live with her and her family for a few weeks. Within 15 minutes, I had my flight booked. I figured if I’m going to sulk about my 2017 starting off in the dumpster, I might as well do it from Hawaii.

I feel the need to disclaimer some things about this trip, since although some days look like a screensaver, I am definitely not at some all-inclusive in Waikiki taking surfing lessons with hot locals.

  • My flight was a little more than $700 round trip. I bought a one-way out here and two weeks in, bought my one-way back. Not cheap. This is why I have savings.
  • I work from anywhere I get wifi, which was a big goal I set to accomplish leaving 2016. I am working on projects from Oahu, so some days are spent inside on a computer. It’s not all daiquiris and sun tans.
  • I am staying with my friend, and her husband, and their four children. Most of my evenings involve high-stress negotiations about vegetable consumption, braiding little girl hair, and watching My Little Ponies until I am going to explode. Which leads to two important factors about this trip:
    • I am not paying for my stay, and I have free access to a car at times
    • This is like being with family for me. It feels like home and is comforting and soft.
  • My friends live in the middle of the Island, which means I’m not in Honolulu or Waikiki or any of the fancy happening areas. The only nightlife near me is a strip-mall bar called Taps and Apps, which I haven’t been to. My focus has been hiking, beaching, and relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong – this Hiatus has been perfect. I’ve spent mornings alone on quiet local beaches, contemplating my life and watching surfers. I’ve hiked breathtaking ridges, eating Spam, seen Pearl Harbor, and have a shaved ice. I often start my adventurous days at a coffee farm up the street, and I spent a week dropping in to CrossFit Waipio. It’s 70s and 80s, humid as heck, and everything is green. I couldn’t think of a better place to explore while I figure out what to do next.

Stay tuned for the best hiking, beaches, and Island adventures.

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