6 Hours in Seattle, WA

I’ve officially visited the West Coast (best coast)! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to explore more than just the airport on my layover to my Hawaiian Hiatus, so I headed out of SeaTac Airport to the waterfront and Pikes Place.

I know, I know, for someone who hates touristy crap, I sure did hit the biggies on my single afternoon in Seattle. But, hey, I was going to make this afternoon count and got some pretty good mileage out of my short time.

  • The Original Starbucks store. There’s a Starbucks on nearly every block, but the original is just across from the market. I stopped in for my morning flat white, a favorite I first tried in Dublin. There are approximately 17 Starbucks stores right near the market, but the original is clearly distinguishable by the crazy line out the door and the lack of chairs or tables to linger on.
  • Biscuit Bitch. While it’s no Biscuit Love in Nashville, the creative menu language and quirky shop alone were worth the price. I grabbed an egg and cheese biscuit to snack on after my coffee and was happily held over.
  • The Gum Wall. Disgusting. Artsy. Makes you want to douse yourself in hand sanitzer but also look even more closely. An entire alleyway covered in gum. It’s just one of those things you have to ‘gram in front of.
  • The market has a tiny rooftop garden, which seemed to be the only non-crowded place I stumbled upon that afternoon. It was gorgeous out (for Seattle standards) but it was still empty, so I got to enjoy the views of the waterfront and the Ferris Wheel in peace to myself.

A note on the Market: There are what seems like 7,000 ways in and out of the market. Hallways that seem like they will dead-end actually lead to stairs or a street or more shops. It’s definitely sort of a maze, which makes it fun to wander, but also worth keeping some extra awareness about you. I felt totally safe there, but I was told afterwards that it’s one of the top places in the country for children to get abducted, because of the labyrinth of entries and escapes.

  • An old sorority pledge sister messaged me that she was working in Seattle that afternoon, so I met up with her for the remainder of my time. We stopped into Damn the Weather, just a short walk from the marketplace, for drinks and snacks. The staff was incredible, and while the food menu was small, it was all delicious. I’m mostly excited that we found this gem because it’s the first place since Madrid, Spain, where I’ve seen dry red vermouth on a menu. I had two glasses on ice with a twist of orange and was immediately brought back to those memories.

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