Packing List: 48 Hours in Nashville, TN

Part of this whole freelancer, design-my-own-life, make-my-own-schedule thing I’m embracing (despite occasional crippling anxiety that I’m ruining my life) is that I am able to travel. When a friend of mine who works an unconventional schedule in hospitality mentioned she had Wednesday and Thursday of next week off from work, I immediately took to Google Flights to see what the least expensive flights from Orlando to, well, anywhere, would be for those two days. Our luck landed us with 48 hours in Nashville, Tennessee. Since our flight is on the budget airline Frontier, I’m taking on one of my most ambitious packing attempts yet – 48 hours in just a large purse.

Neither of us have been to Nashvegas before. We booked a cheap hotel in between The Gulch and Music City in the West End, and made sure we were on the same page about how we wanted to spend our time there. (Hint: we made sure that all of the Instagrammable murals, coffee shops, and breweries were within walking distance and called it a success. No Grand Oprey for us.) Here’s how I plan to pack and dress for two days of beer, boots, live music, and trekking a southern city with lots of coffee and biscuits:

  • My new favorite Jennings from American Eagle Outfitters… these bad boys are super distressed, super comfortable, hug in all the right places, and are high-waisted, meaning I can dress them up or down.
  • A black v-neck sweater, which is my go-to for fall in any city. Mine in particular has a sheer, layered back, adding a little flair to an otherwise simple basic.
  • Duck boots, because lows of 45 and rainy forecasts won’t deter my brewery hopping.
  • My Northface Denali jacket, because, well, see above…
  • A pair of Sperry slip-on shoes (mine are a more fall-sequel floral pattern) because I don’t even want to think about how annoying it would be to go through airport security in duck boots!
  • Add in the basics I always pack for nearly every trip (bralette, black leggings, socks, a black tee/long sleeve) and a cozy plaid blanket scarf and I think I’ll be set!

The good thing is, about half of this will be worn on the flight… the worrisome thing is, I have to fit the rest of it, my small cosmetics bag, wallet, and toothbrush into my bag as well. Stay tuned to see how it goes and for a run-down of my trip!

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