Gone Granola: Northside Social in Clarendon

If I’m ordering breakfast somewhere with my coffee, you bet your buttons I’m going with an cheesy egg sammy or a decadent pastry reminiscent of my mornings in Madrid. You will never catch me ordering the “fruit and yogurt” bowl off of a brunch menu, and I’ve outgrown my collegiate reliance on granola bars and Raisin Bran. Last week, however, I stumbled upon the best granola yogurt bowl I’ve ever eaten, and loved it so much I went back a second day. 14222121_10153636466196315_2491732004493173166_n

Northside Social in Clarendon wasn’t new to me on a recent 36-hour trip to DC. I’d grabbed coffee with a friend there while living in the area, and went to grad school just blocks away. It wasn’t until stopping on my walk one morning (to that same grad school, but you’ll find out about that another time) that I decided to get breakfast to accompany my usual iced-vanilla-latte.

How can I write an entire blog post about granola? You’re about to see. Seriously, I knew I needed to eat something and coming off of a 5-day bender in the Florida Keys, I wanted something that would keep me full for a day of meetings but not make me feel like a whale. I spotted a $5 granola-and-yogurt-and-fruit bowl on the menu and tried my luck. At first, I was skeptical. The “fruit” was the mixed fruit of melons, grapes, and pineapple that you can usually find in grocery stores. Except… it wasn’t slimy or soggy, it was actually fresh. I was seriously doubtful that watermelon and grapes would be at all delicious with plain yogurt but, once again, I was wrong.

The yogurt was drizzled with honey, and underneath everything was this crunchy, crispy, hearty granola of oats and nuts and dried fruits. I’d never had dried fruits in granola before! It wasn’t overly sweet, and there weren’t any raisins (which don’t belong in granola, because this isn’t trail mix after all) and there were pumpkin seeds which was probably my favorite part.

Like I said, I loved this granola so much I got up early on my last day, before my flight, and walked back to the coffee shop and waited 15 minutes for the granola to be finished being made to get it again. That. Good.

Not to mention the fact that Northside is incredibly quaint, the perfect level of hipster-without-being-intimidating, and if for some reason you don’t want coffee (ya weirdo), they have wine in the afternoons. What more could a girl ask for?


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