Pokemon: Travel Edition

I’m not above admitting that I play the PokemonGo game when I walk my dog (or walk in general, or am a passenger in a car…) and I can’t help but laugh when I think of myself as a Pokemon in certain circumstances. So, without further Pikachu, here are the 10 Pokemon we can all relate to when we travel:

  1. When you’re all booked, have your necessities set and bag packed, and you’re anxiously counting down the seconds until the adventure begins!
  2. That annoyance when you’re boarding the flight with your single carry on and don’t understand what’s so difficult about finding your seat and sitting there that everyone else has trouble doing quickly.

  3. When you’re in the aisle seat, snoozing in the middle of the trans Atlantic flight and the passenger in the window asks you to move so they can use the restroom. 
  4. When you finally land and have to walk again, but it’s the fresh air of a new destination!

  5. Your one friend who brought a suitcase on a backpacking trip.

  6. Every time you have to walk to a new hostel or a bus to get to the next city, and even your one backpack feels like moving your entire house on your.

  7. When you go to an open market, or local street vendors, or basically anywhere internationally, and suddenly Chipotle and the “meals” you make at home sound like peasant gruel in comparison to the deliciousness here.

  8. When you witness some cultural difference that isn’t typically seen at home, whether it be a topless beach goer, someone dressed in cultural clothing, or the local snack of fried crickets … but try not to be obvious about your awe and interest. 
  9. The first time you see a child drinking wine at a meal in Italy, in public. 
  10. When you finally get home after a successful trip, climb into your own bed, and realize you need a vacation from your vacation. 


This is literally the most pointless blog post I’ve ever written but I am cracking up.


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