Brunch Diary: DeVine in Oviedo / East Orlando

Sometimes the best Sundays start with a really strong Bloody Mary and end with a nap and lots of binge-watching the Game of Thrones. A couple of weeks ago, that’s exactly how my day went. The ManFriend had promised me a brunch date, and in our efforts to try new places around town, he stumbled across this hidden gem in Oviedo. Unassuming in a shopping center, the food and the drinks at DeVine Bar & Grill were absolute winners.

Brunch mac + South of the Border BM = perfect brunch combo

The Food: DeVine is a scratch kitchen by day, and a wine bar by night. The waitress told us that their menu changes daily, but it looks like staples like the mac and cheese stick around. Since everything is made from scratch in-house, the meals are simple and traditional, which really lets the quality of the ingredients shine through. The mac was in a delicious creamy sauce, included crispy lardones (aka bacon chunks), and topped with the only well-cooked over-easy egg I’ve ever tried at a restaurant. I tried the Tartine, which was similar to an open faced sandwich topped with ham, fresh pesto, thinly sliced cucumbers, and an egg. It was moderately priced and not one bite was sub-par.

The Drinks: I can’t specify the mimosas, because we didn’t drink any. They had $3 mims, but the glasses were small (aka normal sized) and I had read reviews that they had killer Bloody Mary’s. The reviews were right. They make their mix in-house (shocker) and it’s the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. I opted for just the basic one, and it easily ranked in one of the top best BMs I’ve ever had. The ManFriend went with the South of the Border BM, made with jalapeno vodka, and it was amazingly spicy. They’re only $5 a glass and the mix is light enough that you can actually drink a couple of them (although they are strong in a good way, so you may not need a couple of them.) My one gripe is that the sangria tasted like a Shirley Temple, which made me think it was $3 because it was primarily juice (disappointing for a wine bar). But, seriously, if you’re drinking Bloody Mary’s, the sangria doesn’t matter.

Bloody Mary, full of vodka, hallowed be thy name… thy Brunch has come, thy will be drunk…

The Vibe: Honestly, when ManFriend pulled up to park in a shopping center and I saw a line of elderly people waiting outside on the sidewalk, I gave him a “look” that said you’re seriously taking me to old-people brunch? Of course, DeVine is located right next to an iHop, which was hosting the hoards of geriatric. While the House of Pancakes was poppin’, DeVine was quiet and we were quickly seated. I’m not really sure why people chose generic pancakes over actually delicious brunch, but that leaves more for me. The wait staff was attentive and the place is simple but classy. I would absolutely come back here for a double date, or to bring my parents for a casual Sunday brunch. I couldn’t imagine it being great for a huge group, as the tables were on the small side and any loud banter would easily carry through the small place… we’ll save our drunk brunching for sports bars.

Until the next brunch…


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