Best Beer & Wine Spots in Orlando, FL

While my favorite adult beverage is hands-down champagne, my young-professional paycheck doesn’t support much public consumption of anything other than Andre. Lucky for me, I am almost equally a fan of beer and wine, and while I miss the vineyards in Northern Virginia, I am lucky to live in a state with a booming microbrewery scene. Here are some of my favorite spots to grab drinks in the Orlando area… full of liquid goodness and absolutely not touristy.

Girls night at the wine-brary at my most favorite Wine Room.

  • Wine Room in Winter Park: This post was originally going to be just about Wine Room, because I love it so much. It’s my favorite place for a girls night or a date night, and there’s something for everyone. The small wine bar is set on a cobblestone street and upon entering, it feels like you’re in a library… of wine. (My kind of library.) You’ll purchase a chip card from the front, load it with money, and then use it to buy samples or full glasses from nearly 100 wines throughout the bar. There’s something for every budget, and I love that I can sample smaller tastings of new wines without having to commit to an entire glass.
  • Brass Tap in Mills Park: I finally tried Brass Tap for my birthday party this year, and it was exactly what I wanted – a big selection of brews, a relaxed atmosphere, and a friendly wait staff. They have a big patio full of outdoor chairs and couches, which sets the perfect lounge vibe to enjoy a cold beer on a warm night. The beers are priced on par with other craft brew spots I’ve been to, but they rotate a “Brewery of the Week” for $4 pints.
  • World of Beer on Lake Eola: I know, I know, World of Beer is a chain. But they do a good thing here and I dig it. Especially the Lake Eola location, which is set on the water and hosts a huge patio. It’s right in the heart of downtown, but absolutely not in the waste-case club scene. Not to mention, the beer cheese is so good I’ve actually requested a gallon of it.
  • RedLight RedLight in Mills50: RLRL has been around since I first lived in Orlando years ago, but I just recently got around to trying it for Happy Hour. They have a really interesting selection of craft brews and the atmosphere (concrete bar top, open-air, no-frills) makes it feel like a true neighborhood dive spot. They don’t serve food and the AC was minimal, but pretty sure that just means you’ll need to drink more to stay cool.

I’ll be working hard (aka drinking) to keep this updated as I give more places the D:C approval.


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