Brunch Diary: Two Chefs Downtown

A couple of weeks ago, a casual double date celebration for my best friend completing her PhD Area Exams morphed into an 11-person drunk brunch extravaganza. Luckily for us, this sort of attendee-escalation is common for our group of close friends. Also luckily for us, Two Chefs Seafood Oyster Bar accommodated us on the patio (with the pup) and gave us grace and mimosas every time we added more people to the fun.

Mimosas + puppies = my kind of Sunday Funday

The Food: Two Chefs had one of the more creative brunch menus I’ve come across in Orlando. Our table ordered the chicken & waffle, shrimp & grits, and the duck confit potato hash. The shrimp and grits was tasty, and the duck hash was interesting and delicious, topped with a sunny-side up egg. My only complains were that portion sizes were relatively small for the normally-indulgent meal that is brunch, and the waffle lacked crisp texture and syrup. (Oh, and if you’re a French Toast fan, apparently the Chefs do not make French Toast. Sorry.)

The Atmosphere: Due to the puppy, multiplying guest list, and beautiful day, we sat on the patio. The tables were picnic tables, which was a little awkward but also kept us from feeling too stuffy while we downed mimosas. The decor wasn’t anything fancy, but then again I’m usually not at a restaurant for the decor.

The Mimosa Situation: We originally picked Two Chefs because the menu looked tasty and they run an $8 unlimited mimosa special. For the first time in a long time, a restaurant almost provided mimosas and food options on par with one another. Usually the food is a dud if the mimosas are strong, or vice versa. Due to Two Chefs being so new, and being relatively undiscovered for Brunch, they ran out of champagne before we left. The wait staff tried to keep up, but with nearly 12 people at a table, a bottle is gone before it makes it through one pass. The manager comped us Rose wine to make up for the lack of bubbly, but even 3 mimosas for just $8 wasn’t too shabby.

Overall, Two Chefs would be a great place for a first date (on the patio), to take your family when they’re visiting, or for a girls night out. It’s quaint and relatively nondescript, but sometimes those are the best hidden gems that feel like “your” local place. It helped that one of the Chefs came out to say hi to our table and the management was so accommodating; the hospitality and food have me wanting to go back for $1 raw oysters on Tuesdays.


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