Best Bloody Marys in DC

A couple of years ago, you couldn’t have paid me to drink a Bloody Mary. Tomato juice and vodka topped with cold shrimp sounded like the most disgusting way to mend a hangover, despite my parents and “pretend adults” much cooler than me singing their praises. Then, one magical, probably cold brunch day, I tried a Bloody Mary at The Pig in Washington, D.C. and my life was changed.

And since I did some hard core Bloody Mary research in New Orleans, I thought it was only fair for you to reap the benefits of the more extensive “research” I conducted while living in DC.

That glorious Bloody Mary from The Pig was not only my first, but has steadily held the spot for best in the city. They make the tomato mix in-house (which is really the only way to do it, if you ask me) and use a habañero vodka for extra kick. And, considering the restaurant is called The Pig, your BM comes with the usual celery and a nice crisp slice of bacon. Perfect for spicy-Mary lovers and pairs incredible well with the lard donuts.

Half the point of drinking a Blood Mary is because it’s an alcoholic beverage with built in snacks. The toppings can make or break a ‘Mary, and at Tupelo Honey Cafe (in Arlington) they ace the topping situation. The “Queen Mary” is not only made with pepper vodka (or moonshine, if you’re trying to steamroll your hangover into another bender) and yellow tomato house mix, but it’s topped with an entire appetizer selection. From grilled shrimp to pickled okra and pimento-cheese stuffed olives, it’s a meal and a drink rolled up into one giant mug.

Sure, DC and drunk brunch are practically synonymous, and any half-decent restaurant will serve you some overly-salted tomato juice and vodka, but whether you like it spicy, snacky, (or both) these two are my Top Marys in the District.

(If you can’t get enough brunch, check out my Orlando Brunch Diary of The Porch in Winter Park.)


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