Packing List: Mardi Gras in New Orleans

For the past seven years of my life, I’ve wanted nothing more than to spend a birthday in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. (Okay, I’ve wanted a few more things, like a job, and more money,and at a few points to just freaking graduate already, and a boyfriend, and more money, and a smaller nose, and a trip to Europe, and a… ) Finally, this past year, I made it happen. And it. was. glorious. I have a ton of MG and NOLA (that’s the lingo, get with it) tips and nom recommendations so stay tuned for a mini series… but first… the packing list.


I did some brief research (aka asked the Googler) on what to wear to Mardi Gras but wasn’t very happy with what I found. There was no comprehensive packing list, and definitely nothing that combined style, fun, and comfort. (Things I am totally all about, especially when traveling). I luckily wasn’t limited to a carry-on and used a large duffle mainly because I was so uncertain. Alas, the next NOLA-goer won’t have the same issue, because everything you need for an early (this year, it was in early February, so still winter!) MG is right here!

  • Jeans and black leggings were a staple for the long, chilly days of wandering the city and watching parades
  • I paired them with black and grey sweaters and long-sleeve shirts to keep things simple and comfortable. Luckily I had a thick black sweater to layer on,too, since my anorak ended up being way too lightweight.
  • Black combat boots and my ever-favorite bronze ankle boots kept my feet protected and supported for all the walking
  • Gold sequined leggings were an impulse buy from Amazon Prime but totally fit in and got a lot of compliments on Fat Tuesday
  • quarter-zip fleece for layering on for chilly, windy evening parades
  • An anorak or other wind-blocking jacket because NOLA is near a river and it’s pretty chilly in February, despite it being the “south”
  • And, last but absolutely not least, the most obnoxious shirt ever, a purple, gold, and green striped polo. I bought mine from a local shop while I was there, because it seems absurd to even think about wearing until you see half of the city in them the days leading up to Fat Tuesday.

Stay tuned for parade route tips and reviews and, of course, my expert opinions on all of the gumbo and po’boys I ate.



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