Rainbow Bagels in Brooklyn, NYC

Are you sick of my NYC adventures yet? I hope not… I just can’t get enough of that city! As I mentioned in my Halloween highlights, my friends and I really wanted to try the famed rainbow bagels from The Bagel Store. We weren’t aware of the day-ahead ordering, though… when I drove from Boston to D.C. one Sunday, I made sure to take a detour through Brooklyn to grab my multi-colored road trip breakfast to make up for it.


Is a caption even necessary for this breakfast unicorn? 

The Bagel Store reservation process is so easy, you don’t even have to speak to someone on the phone. (I know a lot of people my age who are strangely petrified of speaking on the phone… strange, strange birds.) 

The rainbow bagels are actually blueberry flavored! The website just indicated that they’re “fruit flavored,” which made me assume they’d be some gross tutti-frutti concoction. Luckily, they’re a subtle blueberry.

The employees are super friendly, but the shop is a little disorganized with how they handle orders and pick-ups. They’re also a little opposed to toasting the rainbow bagels, probably because the toaster burns and ruins the tie-dye colors. Funfetti cream cheese is highly recommended for a super-sweet bagel lover, but I went with the walnut-cinnamon-raisin and thought it was a perfect (albeit strange) match. (I’m a sucker for savory, onion bagels that give me stay-away breath, so the fact that I ate an entire sweet bagel is a big deal.)

Long story short… would I take another hour-long detour out of my road trip and cross the Brooklyn bridge twice and drive through Manhattan for a rainbow bagel again? Probably not. Will I be sure to go back the next time I’m in Brooklyn? Absolutely. $3.95 for an Instagram-worthy breakfast is a bargain.


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