Halloween Highlights in NYC

I started to write about my NYC trip for Halloween in detail, but realized that a lot of the weekend was so fun because of the company and not necessarily where we were. Of course, there are a few highlights that are worth sharing for future trips so I won’t hold out on you.

Brunching on the “patio” (aka sidewalk) at Cafe Cortadito

We lucked out with the transportation situation, as my friend’s neighborhood in Queens offered free parking (nearly unheard of in New York City.) We took an alternate route through Pensylvania to avoid Maryland, Delaware, and Jersey tolls and only had to pay for gas and the $14 tunnel into NYC. Win.

Saturday morning involved mimosa brunch at Cafe Cortadito which ended up occupying the better part of our day. The restaurant was minuscule, crammed with every frat guy on the Lower East Side, and played club music before noon, but the food was well worth the awkward atmosphere. I mean, we even had to sit on the sidewalk (excuse me, the patio) for two hours drinking complimentary mimosas to wait for our table and I’m still recommedning this place. Get the Picadillo Cua Cua. Do it. Listen to me.

And no trip to NYC is complete without bagels. We had our hearts set on The Bagel Store for rainbow bagels but didn’t realize we needed to order a day ahead. (Hint, hint, when you go, make sure you place your order!) Bummed but not giving up on boiled dough, we grabbed Brookyln Bagels (which is actually in Queens) and the cream cheese choices almost made me glad we missed the rainbow bagels. Almost. Onion bagel with scallion-bacon cream cheese was 110% worth the onion breath that followed me for days.

Want more NYC favorites? Check out my New Year in the City, favorite museums, and fancy afternoon tea.


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