Packing List: Key West Weekend 

After traveling Europe out of just a small backpack, I hate to overpack for smaller domestic trips. I stick to bringing a carry on wherever I go, which often means strategizing and planning my outfits ahead of time. I have a few go-to’s that always get packed (like my trusty black maxi dress) but I like to make sure I can put together a cohesive wardrobe with limited space. I’m heading to Key West this weekend and have yet to pack, but I’m sticking to an outfit plan along these lines…

Key West Weekend packing List

  • As always, I’ll pack a trusty black maxi dress to toss on for dinner, and another casual maxi dress. They have a way of going from beach cover-up to dinner attire so easily. I have one that has bra cup padding already sewn in, which will be nice when I’m sunburnt and don’t want to deal with a real bra.
  • I’m never one to shy away from re-wearing clothes a second time on a vacation, but saltwater and sand can make me retire a shirt for the rest of the trip. I’m making sure to pack a few lightweight, tissue-type white and grey tanks and tees to tuck into shorts and to wear around the bungalow we’re renting.
  • In Barcelona, I happened to find the most perfect high-waisted denim shorts and they always get packed in my beach trip bags.
  • What beach trip is complete without flats and bikinis? I opted for plain flats in brown and black that are nice enough to wear to out to dinner and casual enough for the beach.
  • I’ll add in a romper for the day we rent scooters to tour the Keys. It has the cute-factor of a dress, but won’t blow away in the wind.
  • My carry-on purse will double as a boat and beach bag (I’ll make sure it’s big enough to fit a towel and cover up in) and I’m going to bring my small leather crossbody for when a tote isn’t necessary.

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