Packing List: Vineyard Day Trip

I wrote about one of my favorite Saturday day-trip adventures to Northern Virginia’s “Wine Country” here, and wanted to follow up with a packing list. Pair a simple, breezy outfit and a big tote to hold a few day-trip necessities, and you’re ready to get your wine on!

VA Wine 9

  • For summer trips, go for a breezy, casual dress and flat sandals to stay cool and comfortable whether you’re sitting at a tasting bar or lounging on a picnic blanket.
  • A big, waterproof, zipper tote like my favorite Longchamp is the perfect purse to put a few necessities (and a bottle of wine!) in.
  • If I’m driving, I always make sure I have a picnic blanket in my car, just in case the formal seating is already claimed. My go-to is a tribal-print tasseled blanket (bought from a gas station during a road trip) but if I had to get another, I’d go for a Turkish beach blanket like this striped grey one.
  • Bug spray! I would never think to pack such a summer-campy thing, but the only thing worse than a fly in your wine is bites on your tan legs!
  • While wineries probably offer tap water in small cups, I bring alone a reusable bottle to stay hydrated. My favorite to bring on any kind of trip is my Vapur folding bottle, but I’ve used a Swell bottle before and they fit ice cubes.
  • And, of course, what goes more perfectly with wine than chocolate? (Maybe more wine, but, we’ll assume we have that covered.) Bring a bar with you to share with friends and avoid the overpriced options at the vineyard.

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