New Year’s Eve in New York City

I love the nightlife in New York City, so it’s only natural I jumped at the opportunity to spend a New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple. I sure as hell wasn’t dealing with Time’s Square madness, but still partied with the masses. Here’s how I toasted a new year with friends in the City that Doesn’t Sleep…

 I’m lucky enough to live a road-trip’s distance to New York, but tolls and parking can be a budget buster. There are plenty of bus options, but I wanted the flexibility to leave NY as early or late as I wanted the next day. I decided to drive to Princeton, NJ and take advantage of the 50-minute commuter train to the city.

Parking in the commuter train lot is $5 a day, and a round-trip ticket to Penn Station is about $20. The trips are flexible so you buy the routes, and can then hop on any train.

A few weeks before New Years Eve, I looked up parties so that my friends and I could buy tickets. We chose a great place called La Cenita in the Meatpacking District, which is a trendy part of town that was full of locals. (Unfortunately, the place has apparently since closed. Booo.)

Most bars, restaurants, and clubs, especially in big cities, sell tickets to New Year’s parties. We paid $90 for our tickets and it included a champagne toast and an open bar for the entire night. I’d say this is pretty standard as far as pricing and deals go, as I’ve spent slightly less on tickets to similar events in Orlando, FL and this particular

As far as attire, since I was going straight from the train station to the bar, I wanted to be dressed to impress but also warm and comfortable. I opted for black skinny jeggings (the style of jeans with the comfort of a legging… Sign me up!) and a backless blouse. I wore heeled booties and stuck foldable flats in my coat pocket for traveling. (Foldable flats are seriously great. I grabbed mine from CVS for $12 and they’re not the cutest but they come in handy when your feet are killin’.) 

I brought a purse and stuck my toothbrush and mittens in along with my essentials and was set! We got to ring in 2014 with all the excitement of New York City, and without the crazy cold, long waits, and claustrophobic streets of Times Square. Plus, there was champagne and a plan with champagne will always win over a plan that doesn’t.


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