Love & Pastries in Paris, France

Paris is often associated with romance and carbs, and I did get to experience a little of both during my two day stay. In addition to seeing the sights, I found the Lock Bridge (which have since been cut off) and made sure to “lock up my love” with the ex-beau (ha ha, probably fitting that the locks were all cut off afterwards). Of course, no trip to Paris would be complete without eating all the carbs so I took advice from one of my favorite global bloggers, The Everywhereist, and made a special stop at Boulangerie 28.

 This just makes me want to post Bone Thugs and Harmony lyrics about lock-down love or something as the caption. I'll spare you.

This just makes me want to post Bone Thugs and Harmony lyrics about lock-down love or something as the caption. I’ll spare you.

Boulangerie 28 is located just a 5-minute walk from the Bastille Plaza (where you can see the July Column, where the Bastille used to stand). It seemed pretty authentic (aka the workers only spoke French), and I was a fan of the colorful little shop that made me feel like eclairs would be the featured accessory in the next Anthropologie catalog. I pointed at an eclair and took it with me to eat while walking… holy yum. This was absolutely nothing like any “eclair” I’d ever eaten in the States. The dough was more crisp on the outside, and it was so sweet I’m pretty sure I ate about a truckload of sugar, but it was just incredible. Also, I was not a fan of Parisian coffee so the sugar was necessary to keep me alive.

Paris 4

posing post-eclair heaven outside of this little gem of a real French pastry shop

Paris is a really walk-able city, but it’s also pretty large so I took advantage of the subway a couple of times. It was €2.50 per trip, so I used my trips sparingly (purchased one trip ticket at a time) and walked a lot of the city. I really liked how the river ran through the middle (OMG did I just say ANOTHER positive thing about Paris in this post?) and made it easy to re-orient yourself.

Of course, since Paris was the last city on my European adventure, I locked up my gym/hostel padlock on the Pont des Arts. Unfortunately, the city has cut down the metal grates that tourists would “lock up their love” on, because it was damaging the bridge and obscuring the view, so you can’t solidify your forever with an inscribed lock in Paris anymore. Since you can’t see them in person, here’s a photo to show you just how cluttered the bridge grates were. The whole thing was like interactive street art in it’s own way.

Locking it up in Paris

Locking it up in Paris

Okay, okay, the city is kind of beautiful. The buildings are historic, although I’m not one for French history so I couldn’t tell you the significance of most of them. I also feel like I should disclose that the pants I’m wearing in this photo were not on my packing list. I bought them in Barcelona and they’re stretchy, cropped, super comfy, and also make my butt look good, so I wore them practically the remainder of the trip.

Paris bye

French airport security thought I was sketchy only traveling with a backpack and purse.

And, so, with a little love and pastries, I ended my European backpacking adventure in Paris and headed back to the States to eat all the vegetables I could shove into my face.


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