Quitting to Win: Taking A Leap of Personal Faith

I’m currently sitting in my office for the morning – a local coffee shop, where I’ve claimed a small table and spread my iced latte and ultra-fine-point Sharpie pens and textbook on. I debated writing about my most recent life change because most of the I-quit-my-job-and-never-looked-back-and-am-living-my-dream-life articles I read are from exactly that perfect, ideal perspective. The author reflects back on a moment where they stood up for their self worth and look-how-well-it-turned-out-for-me!

No, this is not what my “new life” looks like on a daily basis… but it’s nice to stop living for the weekends. 

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Sunflower Flats in Sanford, FL

Last week, to celebrate my office-free lifestyle, I went on a hike on a Tuesday afternoon. I know Central Florida doesn’t scream “gorgeous nature to hike” unless you count walking through the Twister ride at Universal a “nature hike” but I was determined to explore the Marl Bed Flats in Sanford.
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Gone Granola: Northside Social in Clarendon

If I’m ordering breakfast somewhere with my coffee, you bet your buttons I’m going with an cheesy egg sammy or a decadent pastry reminiscent of my mornings in Madrid. You will never catch me ordering the “fruit and yogurt” bowl off of a brunch menu, and I’ve outgrown my collegiate reliance on granola bars and Raisin Bran. Last week, however, I stumbled upon the best granola yogurt bowl I’ve ever eaten, and loved it so much I went back a second day. 14222121_10153636466196315_2491732004493173166_n

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Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando, FL

It’s no surprise that I love wine. Actually, to be honest, I’m writing this post via iPhone in the bathtub with my second glass of Montepulciano. Tuesday’s are rough, what can I say?

Orlando never really struck me as a wine city. Napa, Tuscany… Even Virginia, when I’d become (almost disconcertingly) accustomed to the “wine country” trails. But Orlando? Nah… This city is reserved for tourist cups at theme parks and chain restaurant happy hours. Except for… The gems do exist.

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Pokemon: Travel Edition

I’m not above admitting that I play the PokemonGo game when I walk my dog (or walk in general, or am a passenger in a car…) and I can’t help but laugh when I think of myself as a Pokemon in certain circumstances. So, without further Pikachu, here are the 10 Pokemon we can all relate to when we travel:

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Packing List: Florida Keys

Last year, ManFriend and I took a trip to Key West with some friends, and we loved it so much we planned another for this year. You can read about our eats, drinks, adventures, and snorkeling… and, of course, how I packed for that trip (flying from DC).

This year, we’re doing things a little differently – staying in the middle keys instead of Key West proper, bringing the boat with us, and I’m driving down instead of flying. While that might make it even more tempting to pack any beach/summer attire I have just in case, I’ve already pared down to the bare necessities to guarantee an easy, relaxing, comfortable, and tan weekend.


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Brunch Diary: The Strand in Mills50

A few months ago, gearing up for a busy Saturday of bargain hunting and house projects, the ManFriend and I treated ourselves to a little brunch at The Strand. This dive fits right in to the “up and coming” Mills50 neighborhood, in that you’ll probably have to double-take because it looks permanently closed from the outside. The food situation is on point and the atmosphere inside makes it the perfect little casual date spot for a fresh brunch. We went back this past Sunday with two friends to enjoy some mimosas, and it did not disappoint.

Yes I was that excited to dig in that I took a few bites before remembering to snap a photo. Thanks, silverware, for hiding my noms.

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KonMari Office Capsule Wardrobe

Ever since traveling to Europe with just a backpack, I’ve gained a growing appreciation for lightness and a minimal lifestyle. It was as if, once I realized I could traverse three new countries with just a few articles of clothing, I began to apply this same mindset to other aspects of my life.  I made it a point to only pack weekender bags whenever I traveled domestically… when I was in a big life transition, I relied on this capsule wardrobe to keep things simple. And, most relevant; I began adopting a “uniform” for work, especially after reading about it’s trendiness with successful people.Office Wardrobe.PNG

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